Fresh Vegetables for Brevard County

We hand pick all our vegetables to insure ripeness and consistency.  Locally grown and chemical free, that's what sets us apart from others. Shown below are a sample of the vegetables we carry at Jason's Produce, obviously we only stock in-season varieties so check with us for availability or special requests.

American Okra

When cooked, okra exudes a slimy substance, which serves as a wonderful thickener in stews

Baby Bok Choy

Small heads of bok choy are called baby bok choy, and they're more tender than the larger variety.

Baby Napa

This cabbage can be used in stir fry dishes or as a replacement for green cabbages in slaws.

Banana Flower

These are popular in Southeast Asia and India, where they're boiled in water or coconut milk, then eaten like artichokes..

Bell Pepper

Red and yellow peppers are riper, more flavorful, and pricier than the more common green ones.

Bok Choy

Bok choy has crunchy stems and crinkled, spinach-like leaves. It's usually stir-fried with other ingredients, but it can also be steamed or sautéed.


This mild-flavored squash looks like a wrinkled, pale green pear.

Chinese Bitter Melon

Dark green skin fruit. Popular in Cantonese foods.

Chinese Broccoli

This slightly bitter cooking green has long been popular in Italy and is now catching on in America.

Chinese Eggplant

Compared to the familiar American eggplant, the Chinese eggplants have thinner skins and fewer of the bitter seeds.

Chinese Okra

This variety of luffa gourd is cultivated for the tender and sweet flavor of its immature fruits.

Chive Flower

This edible flower is sold before the buds open.


Cilantro leaves are used throughout the world as a fragrant herb. Hispanic cooks use it in salsas, Asians in stir-fries, and Indians in curries.

Coco Malangua

A dense, starchy root vegetable with a flavor that leans more toward nuts than potatoes.

Curry Leaf

These look like small bay leaves and smell like limes. Fresh is best!


This fuzzy brown root, which should not be eaten raw, tastes like a rich flavored potato.

French Bean

This is a very thin variety of green bean that's crisp, tender, and expensive.


Fuzzy Squash

This sweet and mild squash has a fuzzy feel to it.


Almost every cuisine on our planet has found an important role for garlic. .


With its sweet yet pungent flavor, ginger has become a mainstay of many of the world's cuisines. 

Green Long Beans

These beans are usually cut into smaller pieces and used in stir fry.

Indian Bitter Melon

The Indian variety of the bitter melon has a very rough appearing skin and is known for its bitter flavor

Indian Eggplant

A variety of eggplant characterized by their large oval shape and brighter purple coloring. The Chu-Chu hybrid is the most desirable variety.

Japanese Eggplant

Similar to the Chinese Eggplant, but with a darker skin and a more bitter taste

Long Chili

These large, mild chiles are perfect for chiles rellenos. Mexican cooks also like to dice or purée them, and then add them to sauces, soups, and casseroles.

Long Napa

This is the full sized version of the Baby napa

Long Squash

A longer variety of the fuzzy squash.


Mustard Greens

This green is known to have a peppery taste.


These have a peppery flavor, and they're great raw in salads and sandwiches, or you can cook them as you would other leafy greens.

Shanghai Bok Choy

A variety of baby bok choy which is uniformly green and does not flower.

Small Mustard Greens

This leafy green can be pickled or used in a stir fry or soup.

Snap Peas

This cross between an English pea and a snow pea is sweet and crisp, and is eaten whole, pod and all. 

Snow Peas

You eat these whole, pod and all. They're often stir-fried very briefly (no more than a minute), but they're also good raw. 

Taiwan Bok Choy

The Thai variety of bok choy

Thai Chili (Green)

This is the same as the red pepper, however it is not ripe.

Thai Chili (Red)

This very hot pepper can be cooked or dried and ground and used as a condiment.

Thai Eggplant

This tomato shaped eggplant is used extensively in many Asian foods and have appeared in many Oriental supermarkets on the West Coast

Thai Okra

This sweet, crunchy okra can be used as a salad or cereal topping

Yu Choy Sum

This cabbage is similar to bok choy, however it is more tender and delicately flavored.


America's most popular summer squash, zucchini can be served raw, sautéed, baked, grilled, and even shredded and baked in a cake.